Share and keep the blessings flowing

Here is my very first video blog. Done primarily in the Spanish language as a representation of my Afro Latino Roots, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. To honor my West Indian, Garinagu ancestral physical sweat and intellectual contribution to the Central American region.

Share and keep the blessings flowing

The idea behind this home remedy is that you might share and keep the blessings flowing. Too many people are currently suffering throughout the world. No food, no jobs, no homes, no money to buy medications, nor health insurance when they get sick.

Too many great young doctors and nurses, hospital personnel getting sick, and dying, yet our greed shows no end. When someone approached me about making money off of this, I instead reach out to someone who, like myself and many of you, are solely interested in seeing a healthier and happier world. So I called out on my friend, Dr. Ingrid Caro

Hence, I refused to sit around marketing this when it was suggested to me since the reality is that this came to me as a blessing. As I meditated in prayer on ways by which I could help my wife get back on her feet and fully regain health, as we were about to throw in the towel.

Our backs were up against the wall. I sat up night after night researching, fretting, and wondering if she would ever pull through. During such a time, taking her to a local hospital was indeed a death sentence, since Puerto Rico, at the time, was ill-equipped. Back to New York City was out of the question, as you might perhaps remember that during the months of March, April, and May, over one thousand people were dying each day.

I couldn’t even call upon anyone. We didn’t even own a thermometer, nor could we purchased one in the drugstore. It was our friends who shipped us two, as we struggled to move forward. Those were rather some of the darkened days of my life… and believe, I’ve seen dark days. Although, I’m rather blessed to never become hopeless, and I pray to remain as such. For I’m merely human.

Although as a good mariner, and well-trained health care worker, mental health worker, turned, natural, herbalists… I always pray on my feet and with my eyes and my mind wide open.

I thought about how much this woman had done for Puerto Rico and contributed so much to people throughout the world, yet there she laid, and there be no one around to respond… no one to come to our rescue. This was a pandemia, a quarantine, and Everyone had their own struggle of survival or staying the heck away. Although my wife would’ve made an excellent poker player, as you all, who saw those sermons! No one would’ve ever known how sick she was… she was down after each and every one of those sermons, long grueling zoom meetings. Yet, she’d go right on to comfort her congregation, as she would show them much support and love. It was indeed, amazing. I actually believe that’s what might have given me that extra strength… I really couldn’t afford to get sick, else we’d been toast. Yet not even a sneeze. I am grateful… I gave thanks.

Some of the people of whom I reached out to have yet to return my call or my text. Although that’s very fine, I was trained rather well on how to bring a large crude oil carrier into port during a storm, as well as how to stabilize a large cruise ship, on to positively intervene with an individual whom might be engaged in a psychosis break down… right down to my favorite, suicidal, prevention, intervention and techniques.

So, I had much faith that we’d pull through, although they were some long nights. Fredy Pineda – Picafonews

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