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My Beautiful Caribbean Queen

By Sabas Whittaker

The Songbook of Life


About me

Sabas Whittaker is a humanitarian activist, renowned author, painter, musician-songwriter, and visual, environmental artist. Sabas is also a composer, songwriter, who has collaborated in several singles with various recording artists. He has written, composed, and produced four Albums: Solo Mi Corazon, Eternal Optimist, Soul Revival, and Flight of the Phoenix. Sabas has been a functioning member of the Association of American Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) since 1991.

Featured Books

Faith in the Field: A Historical Theological Perspective on Mental Health

Although mental illness has not yet been fully eradicated, the stride toward equating it with a legitimate physical illness has resulted in a deeper understanding of the disease, and many aspects surrounding such. Especially in regards to the development of the sickness itself. Despite remaining difficulties ahead, progress in mental health treatment has come a long way in the last 15 years. Read more.

Poetic Dance Across The World

In the Key of Gospel, Jazz, Romance, Faith, and Love. Is a collection of spiritually uplifting, life-wrenching realities, within, romantic poems, sermons, prayers, prose, and essays, crafted and creatively designed to uplift your soul. Written primarily to help guide readers and listeners throughout the arduous heart wrenching, confusing political march upon which the entire world appears to have embarked… Read more.

Canto Al Grito Del Emigrante En Voz Latina

Canto Al Grito Del Emigrante, es una colección de poemas originales en el idioma Español con una temática histórica, basada en el origen de los acontecimientos y la fundación de la lengua y de la etnolingüística, cultura Latino-Española. La meta presentada aquí dentro de esta obra colectiva es nuestro intento de introducir esta diversa historia de nuestro idioma y nuestros pueblos Latinos. Dicho cual significado, más que una simple sucesión de... Leer más.

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I’m inspired by life, by my emotions and my natural surroundings.

Sabas Whittaker’s Music

About his music

The composer's unique and well rounded musical talent is persuasive yet soulful inspiring, and contagious. His ability to surprise audiences with his art is something out of the ordinary.

Just listen

Sabas’ gospel roots are clearly defined in his music, art, literature, and in the way, he lives his life.

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