Sabas Whittaker is an author, lecturer historian, and visual artist, an AB.D. in history and pastoral psychology. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in eco-psychology.  Learn a bit more about the author and browse his books below.

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Sabas has lectured at the University of Syracuse, Trinity College, University of Connecticut, Eastern Connecticut State University, Hartford Seminary, and Central Connecticut State University. In years past, he has also lectured and presented his poetry at various elementary, high schools, churches and community, social gatherings throughout the country. He has written and produced two original stage plays, Don’t Look Down On Your Brother if You’re Not Going To Pick Him Up, and Our Journey. One of these produced at the Warner Theater in Torrington, Connecticut, to benefit the FISH, Homeless Shelters, 1991. The other was presented at the Middletown High school, as a benefit to the Middletown AIDS Buddy Network, in 1994.

When did you start to write?

Since I was about ten years old. 50 years ago. I did a lot of writing as a teenage poet while at sea. I sold them to my fellow shipmates, who often wanted to impress their lady friends in ports we visited throughout the world.

What inspired you to write?

The old classical Spanish radio novelas, I often watched how people listened to them as a boy. Always thought something was missing and that I could do them better. I also watched my older brother, Dr. Overton Whittaker (RIP), very closely. He was an award-winning, internationally recognized journalist.

Do you have a favorite theme?

I love history, and I love telling stories, poetry is fast and keeps me thinking, while at the same time enriching my languages, converting my poems into songs, and telling stories through music, is to me a natural high.

Who is your writing mentor?

Was my oldest brother Overton, an international journalist, and international attorney. Professor, Eduardo Callejas, (RIP). He was my sixth-grade elementary school teacher and a published author of several books. He always thought I had it within if I applied myself. He is acknowledged within the pages of my books.

From all your books, which one is your favorite?

My books are like my kids. They’re all my favorites, once completed and published.

What do you think your reader will find in your books?

Enlightenment, education, awareness, inspiration, motivation, entertainment, help, and answers to questions they did not even realize had been missing and didn’t know to ask.

Are you working on a new book now? If yes, can you tell us a little about it?

Yes. Currently revising my screenplay, Foreign Exchange to rewrite it as a novel. I’m also working on an early 20th century period romantic novella based in Latin America, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, New York, and New England. Midway through an Afro, English speaking West Indian cultural life, narration in Latin America’s banana Republic adjustment. And researching for Volume 2 of my previously published book, Africans In The Americas Our Journey Throughout The World, an organic, holistic cookbook of original health-oriented recipes. And of course, the afore mentioned opera. I always two to three projects ahead of time. Sometimes I finish them all together. It is then that people are shocked, although they fail to realize that I might have been working on this project for the past fifteen years. 

Africans In The Americas Our Journey Throughout The World

It’s a historical account of African people and their imprint on the development of every other society throughout history. The research is a significant contribution to the study of race and race relations, with a highly advanced input and deep scholarship toward humanity, hence the understanding for students of all ages. Africans In The Americas reexamines Africa’s participation in the development of China’s first dynasty, Dravidian India, ancient Greek civilizations, and Europe’s medieval economies.

Canto al grito del emigrante en voz latina

Canto Al Grito Del Emigrante, es una colección de poemas originales en el idioma Español con una temática histórica, basada en el origen de los acontecimientos y la fundación de la lengua y de la etnolingüística, cultura Latino-Española. La meta presentada aquí dentro de esta obra colectiva, es nuestro intento de introducir esta diversa historia de nuestro idioma y nuestros pueblos Latinos. Dicho cual significado, más que una simple sucesión de hechos antes no entendidos y firmemente aclarados ante sujetos no afiliados a las academias lingüísticas del mundo.

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Faith in the Field: A Historical Theological Perspective On Mental Health

Although mental illness has not yet been fully eradicated, the stride toward equating it with a legitimate physical illness has resulted in a deeper understanding of the disease, and many aspects surrounding such. Especially in regards to the development of the sickness itself. Despite remaining difficulties ahead, progress in mental health treatment has come a long way in the last 15 years.

Songs to valentines: A song for love

Songs To Valentines A Song For Love (Poetry To Our Hearts) This collection of poetic thoughts is dedicated to lovers throughout the world.

tears of joy, peace, and harmony: While the fire burns within

Tears of Joy Peace and Harmony: While the Fire Within, Sabas Whittaker’s new book of poetry, essays, and prayers is a spiritual invitation into the world of this multi-talented man. This collection of romantic poems, sermons, prayers, and essays is carefully designed to guide us through those long, tiring, lonely days.

vestiges of a journey

Sabas Whittaker uses his pen to find peace, harmony, and spirituality within. As a former merchant marine and law enforcement officer, now a composer, artist, stage and screen playwright, lyricist, and poet. Sabas is often using the craft of writing painting and music as a metaphor for the examined and unexamined life, and cultures while venturing with wry wisdom into the slow dawning awareness of our evanescence.

La Fe En El Campo

Una Perspectiva Histórica y Teológica
de la Salud Mental

Aunque la enfermedad mental, no ha sido erradicada, el paso para equiparar la enfermedad mental con una enfermedad física “legítima” ha dado lugar a una mayor comprensión sobre muchos aspectos, en cuanto al curso particular de la enfermedad. A pesar de las dificultades que aún nos quedan para atravesar, el tratamiento de la salud mental ha recorrido un largo camino… avanzando a gigantescos pasos en los últimos 15 anos. La fe En El Campo, proporciona una perspectiva histórica, sociológica, teológica, e investigativa y académica sobre el tratamiento y el estudio de la salud mental.

Poetic Dance Across the World

In the Key of Gospel, Jazz, Romance, Faith, and Love, is a collection of spiritually uplifting, life-wrenching realities, within, romantic poems, sermons, prayers, prose, and essays, crafted and creatively designed to uplift your soul. Written primarily to help guide readers and listeners throughout the arduous heart wrenching, confusing political march, upon which the entire world appears to have embarked… a quiet and gentle reprieve from those long dragged out tiring, lonely winter days; to a pause within our souls, that’ll help us look toward the brightening, uplift of our body, mind, and spirit.

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