Poetic Dance Across The Wold

In the Key of Gospel, Jazz, Romance, Faith, and Love.  Is a collection of spiritually uplifting, life-wrenching realities, within, romantic poems, sermons, prayers, prose, and essays, crafted and creatively designed to uplift your soul.

Written primarily to help guide readers and listeners throughout the arduous heart wrenching, confusing political march upon which the entire world appears to have embarked… a quiet and gentle reprieve from those long dragged out tiring, lonely winter days; to a pause within your souls, that’ll help us look toward the brightening, uplifting of our body, mind, and spirit. Crafted words in prayers to reflect upon these pages drizzled to uplift, as if spiritual beings placed, angelical gestures to touch, and soothe the air we breathe, following the attack on our nation on September 11, 2001, / 911.

Hence as evening fall, they danced upon each leaf to embrace the earth that’ll help lead us to touch the core of our humanity… as we await the spring and dance with joy throughout midsummer’s nights on a blanket, in the park under the sky- filled stars with a guitar to create and compose. Poetic Dance Across the World contains over 30, unrecorded, copyrighted original songs written by poet Sabas Whittaker, each, with their respective chords for readers, who may be interested in picking up a guitar, sitting to a piano or just singing along.

Poetic Dance Across the World is a spiritual invitation into the world of this widely traveled multi-talented man.

This collection of romantic poems, sermons, prayers, songs, and essays, is designed primarily as a guide to uplift and inspire. The author is a poet, historian, composer, graphic artist, painter and a lifelong humanitarian advocate, activist, who has performed many of these written words contained within, at numerous cultural, literary and academic, conferences, and other functions to benefit homeless causes, domestic violence, HIV AIDS, humanitarian hurricane relief and other benefit causes, etc.… as well as during honors and other celebratory presentations at historic churches colleges and universities.


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