Poor diet, lack of available knowledge, stressors, pharmaceuticals, and a mission

Although it seems like just yesterday, though, It was way back around 1998-99 that mother was diagnosed with diabetes. Poor diet, lack of available knowledge, stressors, and pharmaceuticals, such as Glyburide and later insulin to which she’d been prescribed, we believed such actually precipitated her pancreatic cancer.

This, which took her away from us, in short, though painful, agonizing five months that followed, she was gone to rest by February 2001, at the age of 72.

A few years later, my oldest brother, Overton, a world-renowned, multilingual, political science, international journalists, and an international attorney was also diagnosed with diabetes. He was taken away from us in 2009. Then we found out that my sister, Susana, who’d also been battling this monster, had also succumbed to ovarian cancer that she’d contracted-again we suspect. It was due to the high level of pharmaceuticals that had been readily available and frequently administered.

She was a unionized employee with great benefits. Sadly such we believed to have been partially the cause of her death back in 2012. (The better your insurance, the heavier and less restrictive are the prescriptions).

Of course, all but one of my 5 remaining siblings has not yet been diagnosed.

Among my wife’s family, much is rather a mirrored of a sad carbon copy when it comes to this killer disease. She recently accompanied her last remaining paternal aunt, in her final moments, this past December 2019. She was the last out of 13, and they’re all gone, including her father and all of his siblings.

At the time mother was diagnosed during the late ’90s, I was a case manager for individuals with psychiatric illnesses, to whom pharmaceuticals, poor diet, smoking, alcohol, and the daily, daunting stressors of such an illness had wreaked havoc throughout their immune systems, tearing their bodies apart. Of whom at age 40, many were on dialysis, insulin, you name it. So I’ve been since researching, digging, experimenting with natural foods, herbs, botanicals, and physical exercise.

As I arrived in Miami for my mother’s funeral, I’d been requested by my older sister, Esmeralda, to read the mother’s Eulogy. However, as I accepted and had agreed, I went deep, deep into prayer. I also read one of her favorite poems from my book, Vestiges of A Journey, as I stood before her lifeless body, lying in that coffin, right before the funeral service director and his staff closed it, screwing it shut for that last time.

It was the last time I would see her beautiful face in a physical sense, but not in the spiritual. Because I had long promised mother that I would continue researching and searching until I would perhaps either find a way or help to collaborate with someone toward discovering a successful treatment and cure for such a disease that shouldn’t continue to remain deadly upon so many families throughout the world.

Throughout this summer, I unintentionally conducted a personal experiment. Personal, in which I submitted my own body. It was mango season; although I knew that mangoes were sugary, I didn’t realize they were that sugary and impactfully-loaded with sugar.

So after enjoying mangoes by the dozens and making special treats for my wife, myself, and our neighbors and family members, my body began to itch. Never before had I ever experienced that type of itch in my entire life.

I blamed it on everything, called my doctor in New York, talked to her about it, and even she couldn’t figure it out. As a matter of fact, she scared me even more. As she suggested that such itch might have easily come from scabies. That I might have contracted while in Puerto Rico.

Well of course, our home has recently been remodeled, we don’t know who’s been in and out of it… if any of the construction crew, etc, etc – anyhow, I’m freaking out.

I’d never known anyone to have scabies doesn’t know much about them until that day when I began to research.

Of course, the more I read, the more it itches, and the more I’m freaking out.

Jumping into the ocean each morning after my exercise routine and rubbing sea-sand all over, as a scrub.

I then realized that each time I ate a mango, I tend to itch even more, but it was my wife, Damaris, who first pointed out that mangoes were really, really high in sugar. Then a neighbor, followed by my mother-in-law, her neighbor, etc.

I then immediately headed out to the drugstore and purchased a diabetic test kit. Not surprisingly, my sugar was up into the lower 200’s.

It was then that I embarked on a mission to regulate my glucose back down to a normal level. Just as I increased my research ten folds while at the same time creating plant-based, homemade remedies, and formulas. The promises I’d previously made to mother in prayer as they closed her coffin a little over 19 years ago had now resurfaced. I kicked that research into high gear.

As I arrived back in New York City, after being away for exactly 7 months, I checked my glucose levels, and the reading was still up to 160. I continue to monitor it daily while studying its gradual decline. I also continued eating healthy and exercising as much as possible.

But today, today, 11 days later, as I checked, my blood sugar was dawn to 104. I couldn’t believe it! However, I won’t sing victory just yet… no, no!

But, I will continue to monitor, and if it holds steady for 2 weeks, I’m calling my financial advisor, then I’m calling my attorney, my publicist, my medical doctor, and my naturopathic specialist, and we are calling whoever is in charge of the largest chains of organic health foods.

The point being that praying with my brains, hands-feet, and being able to put in the work often do provide positive results. Pls, keep me in your prayers and your guidance. The blessings in ecopsychology share universal merit. The benefit here is for all.

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