God’s Love, Nature Love’s Haiti

God’s Love Natures Love for Haiti… This song was inspired by Connecticut State Senator, honorable, Dr. Senator Saud Anwar missionary medical work, and others in Haiti, following the earthquake of 2010, 2021, during a pandemic and the atrocities committed upon our Haitian human families on the Southern US border, while attempting to seek asylum into the USA. It speaks to the indelible spirit and courage of the Haitian people.

During one of our first meetings re: putting together my album, The Songbook of Life, with producer Guillermo Torres, we agreed on doing something meaningful for a country desperately in need that could rapidly gain financial support and positive political attention for the improvement of its people, and together with my producer, we both agreed that Haiti would be that country. Of course, I wanted to write something rather militant that spoke to the actual historic causes for the long-term suffering of the Haitian people. Although, I chooses to save my gripe for a history book on the plight of the African people throughout the world and their descendants and focus instead on something more humanitarian and spiritually uplifting that spoke directly to the heart during this past February for black history month.

The song and album are now available via Spotify, iTunes, and all other streaming platforms. It is also being played @ iHeart Radio and other radio stations throughout.

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