Happy Birthday America

Given thanks to all of the men and women that work so hard and fought and died that we may attain these alienable rights. Give thanks in humble prayer to the memory of all of our ancestors who were gunned down, dismembered, hung, dragged, burnt, mutilated hang, lynch that our generation may be able to vote, and obtain that uninterruptible education they couldn’t even afford to imagine or dream about, thus study and live wherever we want and could afford to today.

That I may not take for granted the pain, blood, sweat, and tears once shed and often continuously flows that we may have a nation that continues to grow and learn from its mistakes of the past that they may not be repeated in the future that we, as Americans, may therefore breathe the everlasting peace toward one and all at sunset.

Thank you, America, for opening your doors to this humble first-generation immigrant, who remains forever grateful, appreciative, and blessed for allowing me to live, and succeed in this great nation… while I continuously pledged to always try to make the best out of every single opportunity afforded, and open doors, lift and elevate every single person and other living beings that the almighty living God might send my way be in need of help, heal, protect, feed provide guidance, understanding or an opportunity.

Thank you, America, for correcting our wrong with your vote at the ballot box when duty called and democracy came knocking at your doors. (Perhaps the scariest four years ever experienced throughout this nation’s history. Since emancipation). “What a nightmare! Wow! That was scary.”

Thank you, President Biden.

Our faith rests steadfastly upon your leadership and your guidance. Thank you, Rev. Dr. Martin King, Jr., and all of those who have stood up to racism and untimely laid down their lives in the name of civil rights, equality, and social justice. Thanks to the entire African American communities across this land that bared the brunt of the pain, marched the marches, fought the fight, and made “good trouble,” which caused such a change!

Thanks to all of my brothers and sisters who formed all First Nations across the prairie, the valleys, mountains, islands, and the rivers, whose lands were taken and cultures scrubbed and bleached, which pain still endured daily, such horrors ought not to ever be forgotten nor ignored.

America, you are far from perfect, but you’re not yet perfect… but you’re damn well better off to live in than many of the other nations I’ve been to in these last years. Perhaps tomorrow together, we could now all try to attain that “more perfect Union,” so often talked about.

Happy Birthday to these beautiful United States of America.

This little piece here is dedicated to my younger sister Joann Whittaker Luckie. Newly \ most recently, Naturalized Citizen of our family to these United States and a very proud American, since 2018.

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